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Shotters LUFK - third in the world!

In m.Heynola (Filyandiya) from 22 until 30 August 2009. hosted the World Championship, shooting for "moving target". U Ukraine national team, staffed entirely by pupils of fire department of the Lviv School of Physical Education Igor Mackiewicz, Oleg Salamakha (Third year) Leo Zapotichnym (All graduates), raised four times in the third step of the podium in the team shooting exercises GP-12, GP-11, MG-12, MH-11a.

In addition, Igor Mackiewicz the silver medal in the individual championship in the right GP-11a.

The successful performance of the shooters LUFK to Euro - 2009

Between 10 to 26 July 2009. in the Croatian city of Osijek was the European championship, shooting with small arms. Event was attended by three representatives of the office shooting the Lviv School of Physical Education. Successful debut for adult Euro tretokursnyk UFC Igor MackiewiczWho took second place in the team shooting in the exercise of MG-11th and fourth in the MG-12.

Cyrylo Soiko silver medalist in Europe

In Osiyek (Croatia) takes the European championship among juniors small arms 1989r.n. and mol. Student and course LUFK Soiko Cyrylo in the exercise, MP-10 took second place in the individual championship (560 pts.) and 4 team place.

The debut of Igor Mackiewicz on adult European Championships in Shooting

In Croatian Osijek last European Championship - 2009, shooting of small arms, which became the debut for tretokursnyka LUFK Igor Mackiewicz in the competition among adults. The current champion of Europe among juniors won 14 seats in the individual championship and won 4 seats in the national team in the team competition in the exercise, CF-12.


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