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Medical teaching-training process is one of the most important tasks in preparing athletes for elite class. Lviv State Medical College of Physical Education at the highest level provides constant supervision of pupils and students LDUFK, control of health, nutrition, functional state of athletes engaged in diagnostics and treatment peretrenovanosti, rehabilitation after sports injuries and other issues of Sports Medicine.

Main tasks:

1) providing medical oversight for health students using modern methods of functional diagnostics;
2) Between an effective system of recovery and rehabilitation;
3) Pharmacological teaching-training process;
4) preservation, expansion and upgrading of logistics;
5) introduction of information technologies and a unified information base for processing and comprehensive analysis of the results of medical examinations and their relationship with sports results;
6) establishing an effective system of close cooperation between sports and health units in order to optimize teaching and training process and improve the functionality of the body of young athletes;
7) training, theoretical training and practical skills of health workers.

Contents of the medical part:

1. Measures to monitor the health, physical activity and functional state of students:
1.1 check-depth survey (fall and spring);
1.2 turning medical examinations (every three months);
1.3 Control Review (after illness and injury);
1.4 Health and pedagogical supervision;
1.5 Current diagnosis and functional correction of the athletes in preparing to charge competitors (in agreement with the sports part);
1.6 Organization of balanced diet and control its quality, high-calorie and Compliance with regard to the intensity of training and training process and the specifics of individual sports.

2. Prevention and treatment measures:
2.1 Analysis of clinical results;
2.2 plan of preventive measures and implementation of the recommendations of the dispensary examination;
2.3 outpatient treatment of students of the College;
2.4 comprehensive rehabilitation after illness and injury.
2.5 supervision of compliance with hygiene requirements in the areas of training and competition.

3. Participation in the management of training process:
3.1 Information and reports on the health of athletes, the general level of functional status in Coaching meetings;
3.2 determine the effectiveness of load during training;
3.3 Correction and recommendations in the educational training process;
3.4 Organization and control over the reconstruction measures after exertion and competition.

4. Service planned sporting events:
4.1 of training sessions;
4.2 training camps;
4.3 Competition.

5. Participation in the selection of applicants:
5.1 for compulsory medical examinations of applicants;
5.2 improving the selection of applicants with new diagnostic methods;
5.3 increasing requirements for health students and development of their selection using modern medical advances.

6. Hygiene education with pupils, students and school officials, development, design and stands on the relevant website of the College information about healthy lifestyles, Nutrition and athletes malignancy bad habits, information about banned in sports medical products, etc..

7. Research and practical work (study of the effectiveness of diagnosis and correction of functional state students, remedial measures in the various sports groups, examining the causes of sports injuries, sickness, publishing scientific and popular articles, etc.).


1) improving logistics medical part: the purchase and use in everyday work computers, software, new devices, diagnostic systems, equipment for physiotherapy, pharmaceutical products etc.
2) improving the quality of medical personnel (training, theoretical training, training with personal computers, new appliances and equipment, familiarization with the latest developments in sports medicine, raising awareness on the use of pharmaceutical products, etc.).

The medical part is closely related to the work of other parts and services of the College and should support and facilitate administration, sports, academic, business units, accounting as well as cooperation with the Lviv regional drug-physical culture dispensary, CPP Karpaty (Lviv) and GC "Galichanka" (Lviv).


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