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Modern Pentathlon : License YUOI played in modern pentathlon

Budapest (Hungary) completed the European qualifying tournament in the modern pentathlon to participate in youth and summer Olympics - 2010. in m.Sinhapuri, which was attended by pupils and 2 Department of Modern Pentathlon LUFK Zinaida farmhand and Maxim wooden pestle (both of freshmen).

In the event the girls Olympic license for Ukraine won donechanka Anastasia Christ, who took second place. Zinaida peon - for 14 positions.

Unfortunately, the guys could not win the license. Dennis Pavlyuk won 14 seats, Maxim wooden pestle-36th.

Now, to go in Singapore Zinaida peon should win the domestic championship (after all unregistered license), and the guys have another chance to compete for a license for the World Cup - in 2010 for juniors to be held in May 2010.

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Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon

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